To my Younger Self

Before we get started, I would like you to tell yourself this every time you look in the mirror; you are strong, you are smart and you are handsome. Let no one ever tell you otherwise. Lift your head up high because you are destined for greatness. I have seen it and I know that […]

The Glass – half full

On December 10th 2017 I received a link to apply for a volunteering program. I had just finished high school. The future looked bright yet blurry. I didn’t have much to do in the coming year before enrolling into campus so why not volunteer? I applied for the program and that was the beginning of […]

My 6 O’clock and Exploring Technology

Henry Hartman said that success comes when preparation meets opportunity. This quote gives a summary meaning of success but really, the preparation takes longer than expected and not possible for the faint-hearted. Though my success was a gradual thing constituted by small activities, what was most surprising was the great impact it brought. Together with […]

The St. Catherine’s Experience

Marvelous does not even begin to describe our experience at St. Catherine’s. Our journey began on the 16th of January, just a day after most of us had been relocated from Madaraka Primary School. We were welcomed and duly assigned partner teachers and support classes. Who knew it would the beginning of a very interesting […]

Our Boat

We are sailing to our destination of amicable excellence amid tides of hardship and fear. Our team boat carries hearts service, diligence, valor,reliability and smiles. Despite what we face, our faces never look down and we will never be deterred from our bearing. Cleanliness breads beauty. In our quest for beauty, we discovered litter out […]

World Teachers Day- Teacher Susan

For 6 months, 647 hours, I lived the name “Teacher Susan.” “And it perhaps changed how my whole life works out or will ever work out.” There are days I felt like quitting; and those days were many. Teaching was tough, the number of books waiting to be marked’ overwhelming; and the whole routine annoying. There […]

Ambassadors of Character

I had just concluded my end of semester examinations and the feelings of both excitement and anxiety engulfed me: I am reporting to Wangu Primary School in Dandora Phase 3 to start my journey as a Teaching Assistant. That was three months ago. How time flies! At the onset, I had second thoughts about the […]

Salma’s New Story

My Best and Not-So-Best Moments: The highlights of my PACE experience at Madaraka was, without a doubt, the banter that I enjoyed with many of the students I taught. It was a real joy just interacting with the students and being able to convey to them the information I sought to teach them in a […]

Top 5 Reasons you should join PACE

5) Become a role model in your community 4) Join a fun, tight-knit community of friends 3) Learn new skills: communication and confidence 2) Help children in under-resourced schools to access better quality education 1) Work with kids on something new and exciting everyday

Healthier Classroom’s by Hawa

“As a teenager, I always wanted someone to look up to: a big sister who cared both about my academic performance and my life experiences. I was lucky to find that person in my mentor, Peace. She lit a special candle in my life and challenged me to give back.