PACE Teaching Assistant Coordinators Position (7 months contract, Salary negotiable)

Pacemaker International (PACE) is looking for one Teaching Assistant Coordinator to manage all elements of Teaching Assistants engagement with the organization. The role involves assessing school needs and meeting those needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of teaching assistants. They report directly to the Program Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities
Teaching Assistant Coordinators will manage the TAs and their relationship with those they come into contact with including teachers, students and non-teaching school staff.

In program development, he/she will

1) Keep a clear record of the number of hours served by the teaching assistants and track their performance in schools.
2) Generate a detailed end of term reports for each school with PACE volunteers and deliver it to the school head teacher at the beginning of the next term.
3) Research and write policies and procedures for the teaching assistants
4) Generate appropriate opportunities for teaching assistant including trainings and role descriptions based on the needs of the schools.
5) Visit target high schools and pitch to students and teachers in order to recruit the incoming teaching assistants.
6) Devise and implement publicity strategies, profile-raising events and campaigns to attract new teaching assistants.
7) Ensure there are appropriate training sessions, placement and support for the teaching assistants

In Communications, he/she will:
1) Perform regular site visits to ensure that program activities and sites are established and comply with the policies and regulations of PACE.
2) Partner with Teachers to perform orientations and raise awareness of the role and function of the teaching assistants within the school.
3) Communicate important program dates like trainings to volunteers and school heads in a timely manner.
4) Offer advice and information to teaching assistants and external organizations through face-to-face, telephone and email contact.
5) Monitor and evaluate in school activities and write reports on volunteer-led activities.

In Team Relations, he/she will:
1) Monitor, evaluate and accredit the teaching assistants
2) Organize Teaching Assistant engagement activities as well as induction processes into the organization.
3) Monitor, support and motivate teaching assistants and their work.
4) Celebrate service by nominating teaching assistants for awards and organizing celebration events.

The Teaching Assistant Coordinator will also manage a small budget and resources, including the reimbursement of expenses with receipts for teaching assistants and undertake administrative tasks as needed.

Desired skills and abilities
• Management skills
• Attention to detail
• Good writing and communication skills
• Good report writing skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Leadership skills
• Planning and organizing skills
• Problem solving and creativity
• Teamwork

To apply, please email the following documents to with the subject line as “[Your name]- TA Coordinator Application”.
• A cover letter detailing your reasons for applying (400 words)
• 1 page résumé
• Either of these essays (700 words):
1. Write about 5 challenges PACE is likely to face during recruiting and placement of teaching assistants. Tell us what evidence you have of these challenges and solutions you propose.
2. Identify 5 partnership opportunities PACE should pursue to bring its services to a wider audience, providing evidence on how these partnerships can work.

Send your application by 10th February 2016 at 4.00 p.m.