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Quality Fencing Contributing to Improved Performance at Obwolo Primary School

Moses Ooko Juma volunteers with PACEmaker International (PACE) as a Teaching Assistant at Obwolo Primary School located in Mamboleo, Kisumu County. As a PACE volunteer and Teaching Assistant in the school, Moses is set on improving the quality of education for the students thereby improving learning outcomes. While supporting the school through making teaching aids, providing after class support to weak students and marking examinations, he has also been able to identify areas of need that can contribute to improved educational performance at the primary school.

“I realized that pupils in my class were often staring at what was happening by the roadside thus affecting their concentration and performance,” says Moses.

Pupils in Moses’ class were constantly distracted by activities ongoing outside the school compound at the nearby road. This is because the school lacked a proper fence.  Therefore, as one of his projects during the PACE Community-Based Teaching Assistants Fellowship (CBTAF) Programme, Moses designed a project to fence the school area directly facing the road using iron sheets.

The old fence at Obwolo Primary School. ©PACEmaker International Photo.

To achieve this, he conducted a fundraising activity in August 2021 that saw him raise 33,200 KES out of the 90,000 KES he had budgeted for. The money raised was used to fence one side of the school that needed much attention.

Moses says, “As a result of putting up the fence, there is reduced interference during class time. Secondly, we can now maintain our privacy as a school. Moreover, the fenced area is suitable for conducting school ceremonies and examinations. We are at a better place.”

Moses Juma assisting to install the fence at Obwolo Primary School. ©PACEmaker International Photo.
The upgraded fence at Obwolo Primary School. ©PACEmaker International Photo.

Moses is currently working closely with the school administration to reach out to partners who are willing to provide financial or material support in order to satisfactorily fence the whole school. When he looks back at the time he joined the school in January 2021 through the PACE Fellowship, he can attest that there is a notable difference.

“I joined PACE because I felt the need to give back to society. I have seen tremendous changes for the period I have been here. Not only has the performance of the class I was assigned to improved but also the hygiene standards in the school.” Moses states.

Moses Juma with students of Obwolo Primary School. ©PACEmaker International Photo.

According to Moses, the training and experience received at PACE empower the youth with the 21st-century skills that are required for one to be an ideal changemaker in the community. As a PACE Fellow, one is taken through a 6-month long training that imparts them with life skills among other skills such as project management, design thinking and resource mobilization.

“Volunteering with PACE has improved my communication skills and helped me understand how to handle people with different personalities,” Moses declares.

Moses Ooko Juma
PACE Fellow 2021
Obwolo Primary School



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