Samwel holds a degree in Community Development from Egerton University and is currently registered for an MA in Gender and Development at UoN, with certificates in Gender, Poverty, and Development and Participatory Rural Appraisal (from Egerton University). Samwel also holds a post-graduate diploma in sales and marketing a certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from Philanthropy University. Keen about child protection and education, Samwel has undertaken several courses in child protection as well as a paralegal training related to child protection and was part of the team that reviewed the guidelines for the setting up of children safehouses in Kenya.

Samwel has held several positions in five organizations, starting out as an intern and growing into a fundraising and business development manager in a career spanning seven years, at African Research and Resource Forum, SHOFCO, Better Chance Initiative (K), Scofield Associates and currently PACE international

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