The St. Catherine’s Experience

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Marvelous does not even begin to describe our experience at St. Catherine’s.

Our journey began on the 16th of January, just a day after most of us had been relocated from Madaraka Primary School. We were welcomed and duly assigned partner teachers and support classes. Who knew it would the beginning of a very interesting time in our lives?

A typical day in our lives is full of fun and action, impact and learning. We get to school early in the morning and begin by marking homework books. Sometimes we stand in for our teachers, on request,  if they are not present and this allows us time to interact with the students on one on one. We also involve the students in extra-curricular activities like Physical Education and Creative Arts and mentoring the school’s scouts team.

We have also been able to start some initiatives like the Wacky Wednesday and the AndikaStori which are geared towards aiding the students in Std 7 and 8 improve in mathematics and composition and insha respectively. There is also a motivation program with the school’s student government with an aim to motivate and empower them.

At St. Catherine’s, we have also been able to create a rapport between ourselves and also between the teachers and us. They are very supportive of many of the ideas we propose and they also offer advice and their support which goes a long way in motivating and encouraging us to be the best we possibly can.

We have been able to establish team rituals such as ‘lunchmwitu’ which is when as a team we go out to buy lunch together in the local shops and eat it from there as we share our different experiences and ideas. We also have selfcare days where we take time to tone down and relax a little. We walk to our respective bus stops together where we also get ample time to review our days and learning points as we also get the highly advantageous exercise we require for health.

Our future plans are numerous. We envision a school whereby all students are able to get access to quality education and they are also able to fully exploit their talents in an encouraging and proper environment.


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