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Internship Sourcing for University Students

As a student who is striving to become not only diligent in my academic works but also obtain the necessary skills in the fast-changing technological world, the value of internships goes without saying. With this in mind, a few things have stood out for me in the internship sourcing period, things such as the importance of career coaching, receiving of feedback and the benefits of networking, which eventually culminated into my acceptance as an intern at The African Secrets Organization based In South Africa. The need for career coaching has been one of the most undermined yet most important aspects in the quest for career development.  This has especially stood out for me in my educational journey, and eventually my final capstone as an ALU student. 

Throughout my internship application process, I have valued the importance of career coaching, specifically through the assistance of the career development team in school. Secondly, the value for feedback has also played a major role in my journey, as it  provided me with the opportunity to become better in my work. The benefits of networking can also not go unmentioned, needless to say, my current Internship was actually through The Business of Conservation Conference held In Kigali last September. For the application process, my biggest take away was  getting a contact person in the organization I want to intern at, this made the process faster and increased my chances of obtaining the internship. I am looking forward to not only starting my internship this summer but also to build on to my experience as I seek to even further my skills to become even  better and better. My gratitude goes to the ALU fraternity for keeping me on toes , and without forgetting The Pace family , which inculcated in me the values of hard work ,consistency and for fostering in me the qualities of relationships by becoming appropriately cooperative and mutually responsible.

Javan Nachibwede 

1st Year  ALU student,

PACE Alumnus 2019



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