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PACE on the Panel

Peggy Walenda Mativo is many things. She is a daughter, an alumnus of Loreto Limuru Girls, a Harvard graduate, a Harvard MBA student-to-be, the founder and Executive Director of PACEMaker International and a 2014 Global Laureate Fellow. She is also a kind and compassionate friend and a hapless optimist, who believes in the inherent good of mankind and our ability to make a difference in our societies.
She was invited as a panelist to speak and inspire students at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in The University of Miami, Florida, which ran from March 6th to 8th.
“Miami was warm-just like Nairobi. I wasn’t prepared for the biting weather in Washington D.C. But all in all it was an excellent trip.”
And indeed, for an excellent cause. The Clinton Global Initiative was founded by Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, convenes global leaders to come up with innovative solutions to problems facing our societies. To date, members have made about 3200 commitments that have impacted the lives of over 430 million people in more than 180 countries.
The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) was launched in 2007 to engage  the next generation of world changers in college campuses from over 80 countries. Through the CGIU Network, the Resolution Project and other similar opportunities, about $900,000 was raised to help outstanding CGI Students put their ideas into action.
Peggy sat at a panel consisting of 3 other thought leaders in Community Service and development, namely Alan Khazei, Founder and CEO, Be The Change Inc, Humaira Wakili, the Country Director of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization. The panel was moderated by Donna Shalala, President of University of Miami.

9c8e47_35940efbb1e94e0d8e92718737d912d7“The presentations were powerful, passionate and awe inspiring. The opening plenary in particular struck a chord within me. As the panelists talked about the struggles and opposition they faced from their friends, family and even their governments, I felt the commitment inside them.i felt the same kind of youthful optimism, critical thinking and thoughtfulness I see in projects and classrooms PACE volunteers take on.”
PACE has been invited multiple times to the CGIU meetings- while still the idea phase, PACE was mentioned as a notable commitment to action by Nnamdi Asomugha; the second time was at a panel with Chelsea Clinton, where Peggy not only had a chance to highlight the work PACE is doing, but also to share the Kenyan spirit of coming together to support each other, as this was around the time of the tragic Westgate Terrorist Attack; the third time during this year’s meeting.
“Meeting Alan Khazei, the founder and CEO of Be the Change Inc, was a moment I cherish. He embodies values I hold in high regard, especially his spirit of giving. He has been at his work for over 25 years, and gave me invaluable advice on how to develop PACE, based on his wealth of experience.”

9c8e47_b57fffb09c8b47a8a76df3cabeb86122In addition to her time at the panel, Peggy also spoke with students from Laureate International Universities through an interview featured as a webcast hat reached about 50,000 students worldwide in nearly 30 countries.She was also invited to speak to the International Youth Foundation community on the integral role African youth can play in addressing our continent’s needs, specifically the shortage of teachers.

9c8e47_05ae665a99d14ec9ba9a8784d22f5bc6And finally we asked Peggy how she plans on using her experience in Miami and Washington to improve her brainchild, PACE. “Youth are inherently solution-finders. When we highlight the impact of their work on international platforms such as the CGIU, we can not only lend them more credibility, but also begin to draw the resources necessary to actualize the visions and ambitions of all passionate young people in Kenya.”







Lets walk together in this journey.

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