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Missing Coffee & The Office Backyard

Did we jinx 2020? 

This will definitely go down in history. It was the beginning of the year and interestingly the beginning of a new decade and as we all set our goals and resolutions for the year, it was nothing different for us as an organization.  Almost half way through with the first quarter of the year and the pandemic hit.

Like a couple of organizations, we started working from home and that meant we could no longer go for coffee after work, take a walk over lunch time or chit chat at the office backyard.

Being at home especially for the first few weeks was not interesting. The uncertainty and anxiety as the number of positive cases kept increasing was becoming a thing.

We didn’t know how long this was going to last and how well we would bounce back now that schools were closed,no training would be conducted physically. We definitely wanted to impact the lives of the learners but the big question was how? Figuring this out was an uphill task but eventually we settled on a strategy that worked best for us.

Judy Kang’u, Fellow Support Coordinator

In the spirit to keep the team united, our management introduced  a social hour to help us connect socially amid the pandemic. This came in handy, since we’ve gotten to interact and know each other more as colleagues. Knowing the genre of music my fellow colleagues listen to, their hobbies, childhood memories among other social activities they enjoy doing has been an interesting experience. This has held us together as an organization and we are determined to end the year still socially united.

Always looking forward to the social hours and hoping that come next year, we will be able to share a cup of coffee with my colleagues.

-Judith Kang’u, Fellow Support Coordinator.



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