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In the wake of Covid 19 pandemic and closure of schools,PACE designed an Out of School Learning Support Program to ensure continued learning among Class 7 and 8 pupils in PACE partner schools.

In a bid to curb the spread of the disease, as employees, we were asked to work from home.Generally, working from home has a lot going for it. This meant no more morning and evening commutes, working at the comfort of our homes, and I love the flexibility(one can work from their hometown). On the flip side,I miss the office and colleagues at times, office energy is on a different level.

Having an opportunity to lead the team, I worked to ensure that the Out of School Learning Support Program was well implemented. This gave me a chance to listen and learn more from others, embrace diversity and exercise positive thinking. This being my first leadership experience and more so during a pandemic, what we achieved as a team made me more confident and positive.


Joint efforts and the full dedication of the team towards shared objectives was a powerful aspect and ensuring that the team has a solid understanding of what is expected of them in their day-to-day work was also important. Setting expectations and checking in.

-Corazon Mwabe, Fellow Support Coordinator



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